Lap Anterior Resection

What is Lap Anterior Resection and When it is Recommended by a Doctor?

Nobody wants to live an uncomfortable life as it becomes quite perturbing when your daily routine is interrupted with certain health problems. Having surgery is no more a problem these days and it enhances your quality of life. Lap Anterior Resection is a surgical procedure that removes the part of the bowel that is contaminated or ruptured. It is also a surgery used for rectal cancer. Getting surgery can prevent complications in the future and a ruptured or infected bowel will only worsen the health.

Why is Anterior Resection recommended?

First, it is important to understand the function of the bowel in the body. The large bowel stores the waste until it is ready to be passed out as a stool. The small bowel absorbs the essential nutrients from the food that we eat. When the bowel becomes ruptured or infectious, it becomes important to remove it. The surgery helps to remove part of the rectum and bowel that is causing trouble to the body. An incision is made in the abdomen and the infected part is removed. The ends of the healthy bowel are attached back together to continue the regular functioning. Sometimes it becomes essential to have a stoma that facilitates stool to be collected in a bag. A part of the bowel is attached to the abdomen in a stoma. Once a patient has recovered and the surgical wound has healed which usually takes a few months, a stoma can be reversed by performing surgery. The regular functioning of the waste passage is restored.

When it comes to treating rectal cancer, surgery becomes crucial. An alternative to surgery might be medical drugs and medicines but this will not prevent cancer from spreading. Bleeding can occur or there can be the possibility of a clot that might cause blockage in the bowel. The probability of cancer spreading to other organs increases. In order to circumvent all these possible conditions which will only worsen the health, a lap anterior resection is advised by a doctor.

What benefits can be gained from a Lap Anterior Resection?

Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive method used for surgery. It allows for easy healing and recovery for the patient. It is also beneficial for a patient’s health as it minimizes the risk of infections and other complications. The patient recovers fast and the hospital stay is reduced. Discomfort and restlessness can make a person’s life uneasy and unhealthy. A Lap Anterior Resection can revert a body’s functioning like it was before the bowel was infected. It is known to be one of the most successful and widely used methods to treat the problem. It is recommended by doctors because of the advantages it entails and the health benefits it provides. Not having this surgery will deteriorate a person’s health and worsen the condition. Some of the patients might be recommended an open surgery although the cases are rare. Your surgeon will advise you on the best option that can be availed depending upon your condition.

What happens after having an anterior resection?

The bowel needs time to heal and function normally after having the surgery. There are chances that it might stop working for a while. Such a scenario should not be a reason to worry. The doctor will provide you with a diet plan that should be followed strictly to avoid any problems from occurring. Bleeding, developing of clots, infection in the wound, discomfort due to surgery, bloating and pain are many risks you might have to deal with post-surgery. However, it is not mandatory that these conditions might occur.

Resuming to normal life!

The recovery from the surgery depends on the patient’s overall health. The usual stay at the hospital is three to six days. If there is a complication after surgery the hospital stay might be delayed. Soft food and lighter diet is advised until the bowel is able to function normally and the wound heals completely. The quicker you recover from the procedure the more you are likely to return to your daily endeavors. Normally a person recovers in a few weeks with some rest and adhering to strict dietary plans. A patient might feel lethargic and weak after returning home but these are normal symptoms that should not be worrisome. One should not refrain from carrying out daily activities as an activity will aid in speedy recovery. It is recommended to take things slow in the beginning; once the energy levels are boosted normal routine work can be carried out. A laparoscopic anterior resection aids in recovering quicker as compared to open surgery. So the recovery also depends on the approach that has been used for you.

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