What is a Sleeve Gastrectomy?

Sleeve Gastrectomy, also known as Gastric sleeve, is one of the modern weight loss procedures, usually kept for people who are obese and overweight to the extent of being unhealthy. It is an irreversible procedure in which stomach is divided into two partitions. Resultantly there is a smaller portion and the bigger portion of the stomach, and the smaller portion serves as the primary stomach.

Sleeve Gastrectomy is different from the full Gastric Bypass surgery in the manner that the latter consists of two stages, the first of which is the former. In simpler terms, in Gastric Bypass, firstly the procedure of Sleeve Gastrectomy is done and then another procedure is carried out whereby to re-route and reconnect the intestines. However, depending on individual cases, Sleeve Gastrectomy can be enough on its own.

Further Information About the Procedure

Under what circumstances Sleeve Gastrectomy is considerable?

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What are the primary steps for recovery period after surgery?

Lose More Weight with Gastric Sleeve

After Care Support Package

  • Constant availability of specialist weight-loss professionals and support team that includes dietitians as well as your bariatric surgeon
  • Pre and post operative care
  • Transport to and from the surgical procedure
  • Unlimited access to specialist nurses to help you with recovery
  • Post operative support staff and psychotherapists
  • Dietary guidance post surgery
  • Emergency helpline around the clock
  • Regular weight and health monitoring to ensure your weight loss targets are being comfortably met
  • Two to five years of advice and support for losing weight and keeping off the lost weight
  • Personal trainer program to aide you in achieving and maintaining fitness

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Benefits of Gastric Sleeve

Overall Lifestyle Improvement

With this surgery, it is not just your hunger and weight that become manageable. Rather it is an overhaul of your complete dietary, workout and lifestyle habits towards becoming healthier.


Obesity is as much a damp on your looks as it is on your self confidence. When you become healthier, you also become more active, enjoy life more and thereby boost your confidence.

Reduced Stomach Size

Battling hunger and cravings is never a joy. However with the permanent reduction in stomach size you don’t have to battle your hunger, rather you feel full with much smaller food portions.

Potential Risks and Complications

Permanent Change

The biggest risk associated with this type of medical procedure is its irreversibility. Once your stomach size shrinks, there is only so much food you will be able to eat. This is why accepting the risk is not enough, rather a true commitment will be required from anyone undergoing the procedure to remain steadfast to their decision to change their eating habits and adopt healthy lifestyle.

Surgical Complications

Gastric Gastrectomy is a major surgery and like any major medical procedure risks are attached to this one too. There is a small risk of death too, approximately 0.15% patients. However with the availability of latest technology coupled with trained and expert surgeons, such risks are mitigated. Furthermore, patients are kept under care in hospital for a specified period of time to make sure that no such complication rises, or is promptly dealt with if it does occur.

Pain and Other Discomforts

An unavoidable part of the surgery however is the little while it takes patients to become completely healthy and active again. There might be some pain which is manageable by medication. And there might be some other minor discomforts such as nausea, vomiting, bowel routine disturbance, or scarring at the incision site.

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